My business strives on happy and satisfied customers. Word of mouth is not only the most effective way to advertise, but it is also the method that carries with itself the most amount of honesty. Here are direct quotes from some of my wonderful clients.

"Irina is an amazing seamstress who has done outstanding work on my casual, professional and formal clothing. She has lengthened, shortened, tightened, expanded, and redesigned garments for me and every time the stitching and fit have been impeccable. Most recently I brought her a dress that had languished in my closet for 2 years(!) because it "never fit quite right." Irina skilfully reconstructed it into a gorgeous summer frock that I then wore to my son's rehearsal dinner. For the wedding, Irina tailored my dress perfectly even suggesting and then creating removable straps for me. Having sewn a good deal over the years makes me especially appreciative of Irina's beautiful handiwork. She loves a challenge and brings to each one, her engineering background, artistic eye, and strong work ethic. She wants you to be pleased with the fit and look of your "new" clothes and believe me, you absolutely will be! " - B. McCloskey, Holliston

"Irina fitted several pairs of pants for me and did a wonderful job taking them in. She was meticulous in her measuring to make sure the clothes hung properly. I was very pleased with her work. " -Sarah

I bought a dress at an event without trying it on and the dress was too small. I brought it to Irina and she remade the dress adding panels to make it bigger. I was very pleased with my new dress and the quality of her sewing." -Louisa

"I brought the silk dress I wore for my son's wedding to Irina for alterations.  She shortened the dress exactly as I asked. She surprised me by using the material that had to be cut off to make a belt and a shawl.  Her sewing skills were obvious in the delicate stitching of the hem on the light silk material, and I love having the option of using both the belt and the shawl." - Becky

"Irina did a fantastic job transforming two pairs of pants into a lovely skirt that has earned so many compliments. She surprised me by using the extra fabric to make a wonderful top and scarf. She has a a great eye for both design and detail, and her work is top notch. An added plus was seeing how much Irina enjoyed using her talents to create something entirely new. I highly recommend Irina's services!" -AP, Sherborn

"I have brought several clothing items to Irina in need of more than just a simple hem. She was able to fit and alter a pair of wool slacks that had never fit me properly. They were baggy in all the wrong places. I had taken these same slacks to another tailor and had never been pleased with the result. Irina was able to make the adjustments involving adjustment of back seam, side seams plus waistband to change to a much better look.

Irina altered a dressy jacket for me which was way too tight around my mid-section. There was not a lot of fabric to play with in terms of letting the jacket out, but with the addition of two small side panels that are barely able to be seen, I can wear the jacket comfortably.

The latest project Irina has done for me is involved working with a favorite leather skirt. The zipper placket had torn in several places and my home sewing repairs were inadequate. Irina replaced the zipper placket with a stretchy fabric panel. It provides a pleasing accent to the plain leather skirt, and is comfortable to wear." - Martha, Medford

"I had a black wool coat that was hanging in my closet for one year with the tags still on. I loved the coat but it just did not fit me well. When Irina told me she was going into the tailoring business I asked her opinion.

She carefully considered all the possibilities, asked my opinion, and then went to work. The finished product was amazing! The coat fit perfect! She had altered the collar, readjusted the buttons so that it closed properly and corrected the length of the sleeves. It is a totally different coat and is very elegant, great for evening wear.

Irina has also hemmed several pants for me and remodeled a camel hair jacket.

Her work is of the highest quality and very reasonable in price. Irina is very sensitive to your personal preferences and always keeps that in consideration. She is a very warm and pleasant person. She is also very accommodating with schedules.

I now feel that I can buy anything and if it is not right, Irina can make it work. She is very creative. I would highly recommend Irina for all of your tailoring needs." - ems