Irina Profile Hello! My name is Irina and I do alterations,tailoring and design.
I have been doing this since my school years and really enjoy transforming items from old to new again.
It’s always very good to have a talented mentor and I was lucky to have such a person growing up. It happened to be my teacher who taught us to do everything, such as: cleaning, cooking, decorating and even sewing.

I remember how she taught us to hem clothing by hand. At the time unfortunately we did not have any special hemming machines (foot). Although it was quite annoying at the beginning when I got my first result - I loved it. Since then: changing, fixing and repairing clothing has brought great enjoyment to me. It was my hobby all these years and I was primarily doing it for my family and friends. Now I am happy to say that I’m ready to do it for anyone interested in my services!

Please click on the slideshow to look at some of the recent projects I have completed. Your comments are appreciated.

Remember, this is only a small part of what I have done. I can do anything from little fixes like hemming and alterations to larger projects like shrinking or even enlarging items. More importantly I can help you design and create something entirely new, our imagination is our only constraint.

What I do now is to look for American-made goods and repair them giving them an entirely new look. Generally these are old articles of clothing made 15-20 years ago, but it is worth my time and money to have items made here in America. It is a shame we do not see American made goods anymore and I am doing my part to reverse that trend.